Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hero’s welcome for Doc, Phils take second close game in Toronto



  Signs welcome Doc back to the Toronto baseball scene today



On Friday afternoon, it was Canada Day up in Toronto when the Phillies opened up this series with the Toronto Blue Jays. On Saturday, it was Doc Day, when the Toronto fans really poured their hearts out for their former ace, Roy Halladay. Halladay got an awesome standing ovation from the Jays fans, and you don’t see that kind of love everyday for an opposing pitcher. That is how much the Toronto fans really still love Roy Halladay.



                Chase Utley hits home run #4 on the season today




Halladay didn’t disappoint the fans either, he went out there and does what he does best, and that is win baseball games. Halladay won his 11th game of the season in Toronto and of course he went the distance in the game, going all 9 innings and only allowing 3 R on 8 hits throughout the ballgame. The Phillies did have to rally again for the second straight game to win this game though, compliments of Chase Utley’s 4th homerun on the season and it allowed the Phils to take a 4-3 lead in the game.


The Phillies almost had a carbon copy of the first game of the series as Ryan Howard did the job in getting the clutch hit in the first game of the series with Toronto to put the Phillies ahead. It’s seems like the baseball gods and smiling down on the Phillies lately, and that’s a great thing.


All three games of the series are beginning at 1:07 PM, and I kind of like this especially since it’s the Fourth of July holiday weekend and a lot of fun things are planned around the Philly area to do at night. We have baseball in the day and celebrating during the evening and it’s great that we’re celebrating all the wins that we’ve been seeing from the Phillies as well!


Kind of humorous pictures from a Blue Jays fan about Jon Rauch and his totally ridiculous rant towards an umpire, which he is pretty well known about by Toronto fans. Does this guy have an anger management problem?  Courtesy of TwitPic and BlueJayHunter





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