Sunday, July 24, 2011

Halladay set to take on Heatmagedon II


The last time that Roy Halladay took the mound, he had a lot of people worried for him. Right from the start of the game, Halladay looked whipped and in need of medical attention. It was just his actions during the game, it was even more about the way he looked and battled the heat and it was so clear that the heat was winning. That game was in Chicago, now we fast forward to his next start and the heat has followed Halladay to Philly. Not just an ordinary hot summer day, but a prolonged heat wave that has settled in the Philly area and has made life pretty miserable outside of air conditioned confines.

The debate raged on yesterday on Philly sports talk radio, should the Phillies rest Halladay today. I think the answer is undoubtedly, yes. The Phils don’t look like they are going to do this though. Maybe bringing up Brad Lidge as fast as they did wasn’t a great thing as a guy like Danys Baez could have got the start in today’s 100 degree game in Philly this afternoon. Baez is gone on ‘assignment’ though, and if the Phillies were thinking correctly, they would have brought him back from his assignment and put him in this ballgame today in South Philadelphia.

The fans have endured the heat of this series, it’s been ungodly and horrible at the park the last few games. There were over 4,300 tickets for sale a few days ago as the Sunday crowd knows how bad it can be in the heat of the early afternoon at the ballpark. A lot of them will be no shows, as plenty of tickets remained for sale on StubHub as of this morning. The Phillies even are offering free water for the fans and doing everything that they can to make the fans somewhat comfortable.

The temperature in Chicago the last time Roy Halladay started for the Phillies was 91 degrees, and Halladay has said that he’s never felt heat like that before and had no idea why the heat affected him so badly. Today it will be closer to 100 and the heat will be worse. The side of precaution would be to rest Halladay.

Despite the heat, Roy didn’t pitch all that badly. Roy did give up 7 hits over 4 IP and gave up 4 ER, but doubled over and couldn’t continue in the 4th inning. I think the Phillies should take note and have removed him from the game sooner. The indications were all there that something was really wrong, and if they expect a healthy Halladay towards the end of the season, the natural thing would be to notice times when he is in trouble. That didn’t happen in Chicago, by the management of the Phillies team. Pitching coaches and managers should know when a guy is in trouble out there on the field.

So, it goes Halladay will head right back into the heat. Hopefully all will be well with him.

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