Monday, July 04, 2011

Fourth of July finds Phillies sitting in drivers seat in NL East


4th of July



The pre-season hype of the Philadelphia Phillies has long since disappeared. The talks of having a stacked deck of aces on the mound as we started the season brought delight to the many fans who have been on the Phillies bandwagon for years. How would this team do, we wondered in mid-March, just before the season was to start this year.


The Fourth of July is normally associated with Philadelphia, it all started here back in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed and this country began. Today the Phillies will be far from their home in Florida, but we’ll look at what this team has done so far in the 2011 baseball season. Their record is 53-32 going into tonight’s game in Miami.


Offense not chugging on all cylinders, but enough to win games


The Phillies offense has had two different sides to it this season, one that roars and one that barely makes a sound. If there were anything slightly negative to say about this team, it would probably be about the offensive inconsistency. The offense does go out there and normally gets the job done, as we’ve seen in Toronto lately with the come from behind wins in the first two games of the series. The amount of one run games though and rough patches of the offense not supporting a lot of the starts of the pitching staff when they have been pitching great games is just one thing that is happening to the Phillies this year. The Phils are on pace to win over 100 games this season now, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the offense evolves after the All Star Game next week.


Phillies offense is having a mediocre year so far


Phillies Rank in the MLB Offense
  Runs - 345 15th of 30
  Hits - 696 19th of 30
  Batting Avg. – .245 20th (tie) of 30
  OPS (OBP + SLG) – .694 21st of 30



Pitching has been the Phillies forte this year with the aces taking the spotlight


  Pitching has been another story for the Phillies so far in this season up to the July 4th mark. Here is where the Phillies have kept other teams in check and given the Phillies offense a slight breather, and some room to improve at the same time.


  All the Phillies aces (Hamels, Halladay, and Lee) except Roy Oswalt will be at this year’s All Star Game in Phoenix next Tuesday night. Only Placido Polanco and possibly Shane Victorino will represent the Phillies as All Stars in the 2011 game for position players other than pitcher. You can help Shane by voting for him here, to get him into the All-Star game and representing the Phillies.


   Here’s how the Phillies rank in pitching so far in 2011:


Phillies Rank in the MLB Batting
ERA – 3.08 2nd of 30 (ATL is first at 3.07)
Wins - 53 1st of 30
CG - 11 1st of 30
SO - 651 4th of 30  (San Fran is first at 695)



     So as we watch the Phillies tonight, please don’t forget the reason for the holiday. The freedom that we enjoy in this wonderful country and the hard work it is to keep us free, Happy 4th readers of the blog, I hope you all have a great holiday.

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