Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Florida Marlins to upgrade home next season and a new name


Marlins New stadium

Luxurious new stadium with over $550 million in costs for Miami Marlins


Marlins Stadium 2 2012

With the amount of Phillies fans at last night’s game with the Marlins, maybe we’ll just call this stadium ‘Philly South’





The Marlins baseball team is in the last year at it’s current address. The team will rename itself to the Miami Marlins next year and close the book on the ‘Florida Marlins’, a team that won 2 World Series championships in 1997 and 2003 but never seriously made a run to dominate beyond that.


The Florida Marlins run with success was very strange. Hardly none of the players that won the championships stayed with the team for too much longer after they won. It’s almost like the team got together to win a championship and after that was over, it was like a fire sale and most of the team was disbanded in a sort of strange style of a way to own an MLB franchise. How could you be a loyal fan down there?


How can you appreciate this type of way with running a team. Would you feel good about buying season tickets with an ownership that does these kind of things? If you’re a real baseball fan, the answer is probably no.


Even more curious is now that it’s 2011 and the Marlins are several years removed from the championship years, why now do they build a brand new stadium closer to Miami and do a total renaming of the team? I think the answer lies in the fact that the taxpayers are funding a large portion of this stadium and the shrewd ownership down in Florida is about to make yet another strange move that deserves some attention. Why do the MLB officials crucify the Dodgers owner in LA, when an even stranger way to run a team is happening down in Florida.  


Here’s a story from NBC Philadelphia that explains why the Marlins may still be pushovers in the new stadium.

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