Sunday, July 03, 2011

Even Superman doesn’t win all of the time




  Cliff Lee has turned on the afterburners, he’s been sweeping up wins throughout the month of June and had an ungodly ERA of under .050 for a few games in the month of June. He was sailing along in today’s game in Toronto as well, but in the end it seemed like he shouldn’t have been left out there to give up the game like he did.


  It’s easy to say in hindsight, but Lee shouldn’t have been in a position to lose this one with all of the rest that the bullpen had yesterday with Roy Halladay’s complete game.


  Lee still had 9 strikeouts in this game, and he looked as though he was going to win his 10th of the season but it wasn’t to be. Here is how Lee who had 5 wins in June performed:

Split G AB R H 2B 3B HR BB SO BA
Last 28 days 5 139 1 21 3 0 0 8 29 .151
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Generated 7/3/2011.



  The Phils journey now brings them down to Florida to meet the Marlins in South Florida. It’s a 6:10 PM EDT time start for the 4th of July on Monday and it’s bound to be hot as a firecracker down there in Florida for the game. Vance Worley will get the start on Monday.

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