Thursday, June 09, 2011

Utley Foundation promotes ‘Kindness to Animals’



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Chase Utley is a superstar on the field with the Philadelphia Phillies. He’s also one off the field with the Chase Utley Foundation and his association with projects that he is happy to promote.


Recently, Chase and wife, Jennifer, dedicated a ‘Kindness to Animals’ mural in the City of Philadelphia.


From the top photo above:

Phillies 2nd baseman Chase Utley (far left) and his wife, Jennifer, applaud as Mural Arts Program Executive Director Jane Golden (center) speaks during the dedication of the “Kindness to Animals” mural at 22nd and Dauphin Streets in North Philadelphia. Students from nearby Pratt Elementary School helped the Utleys paint the mural on home owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority. School principal Denise Young and students are shown to the right of Ms. Golden. The Utley Foundation is dedicated to educate the community about the proper treatment of animals.


Here’s a bit more about what the foundation aims to do:

In 2011, Jen and Chase created The Utley Foundation. The Utley Foundation was established to bring awareness to the increasing epidemic of animal cruelty. Their mission is to educate the community in the proper treatment of animals and raise funds for the fight against animal neglect, pain and suffering. To find out more about the Foundation, it’s events, and the work in the community that Jen and Chase are doing, please visit


Thanks to Jan at the Philadelphia Housing Authority for the above photos!

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