Friday, June 10, 2011

Rain delay lead evaporates with Phillies loss in 11

The 100 degree day gave way to healthy thunder and lightning storms last night in Philly and surrounding areas

The Phillies seemed like they were going to be on cruise control for an easy win last night early. Mother Nature played her part with a nasty thunderstorm that settled down on the field at CBP, and when the game restarted, nothing seemed to go the Phillies way.

The Phils posted a quick three runs in the 2nd inning courtesy of Jimmy Rollins with a right field home run. That was about the extent of the Phillies offense last night as after the rain delay, there was no more scoring by the Phillies.

After a 1 hour and 17 minute rain delay, the game resumed with two new pitchers. The momentum the Phillies had before the delay was lost with the storm, and the Cubs clawed thier way back to a 4-3 victory in 11 innings. The game took 4 hours and 4 minutes to complete.

I don't usually like to go to rain delay games, because the game isn't the one that was started, it becomes sort of a game within a game. This 'game within a game' wasn't kind to the Phillies.

The Phils will try again tonight against the Cubs, in this 4 game series. Despite the problems that the Phillies have had lately, the team is only a few percentage points from the best record in baseball which is now owned by the Cardinals with thier .594 PCT compared to the Phillies at .587

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