Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phils welcome Florida for 4 games in 3 days




The Phillies met their biggest fans last night at the ALS Phillies Phestival for charity. It was a perfect night as the weather really cooperated, here Cliff Lee met some of the fans that visited the Aces last night in Philly.



ALS Charity a big success and a hit with fans last night in Philly

The Phillies welcome in the Florida Marlins into town after last night’s ALS event which the team took part in on their off day. The players were available for autographs from 6 pm to 7:45pm or so, and their was a lot of fun activities built around the foundation of raising money for charity. Even the GM Ruben Amaro and Phillies ex-GM Pat Gillick were out taking official photos with fans and raising money in the process.


Marlins in for 4 games in 3 days

The Marlins are in town for 4 games in 3 days. The Wednesday 1:05 PM game is a makeup game from 4/16.  Lately, the Marlins have attached themselves to a nasty 8 game in a row losing streak which took place from June 1st to June 9th and they came here from South Florida losing a 4 game series (3-1) with Arizona at home. This team was sailing along until the long losing streak settled in, they are now 32-32 on the season.


The Phillies will have the following rotation for the Marlins series:

Tuesday @ 7:05 PM:  Cole Hamels

Wednesday @ 1:05 PM: Kyle Kendrick

Wednesday @ 7:05 PM: Roy Halladay

Thursday @ 1:05 PM: Cliff Lee


Roy Oswalt and the speculation that he may be hurt, just doesn’t hold water to me


In the Crashburn Alley Phillies blog (another wonderful Phillies blog by Bill Baer) yesterday, there was an article on Roy Oswalt and comparing a velocity chart to reaching to a conclusion that Oswalt is somehow hurt. That is what I don’t like about people looking at charts and graphs and trying to ‘play doctor’ with a player. If you were at the game on Sunday, during Roy’s 7th inning work, you would have seen a pitcher who is not hurt but was on a mission to strike people out. He was up there on the mound just letting it loose, and struck out two of the three Cubs he faced in convincing fashion in the top of the 7th (even Larry Anderson made special note of how well Oswalt looked late in the game on the radio). Oswalt may have lost a slight bit of speed or velocity, but let’s not forget he is getting a bit older with each start. Oswalt came here to win a championship, he’s starting to turn it up a notch, conditions may have presented themselves to cause a slight dip in velocity during those last few games back from his extended leave to help his family recover from a tornado, how would you pitch after returning from your hometown to see it wrecked in the fashion that some of these towns were last month?

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