Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Phils squander chances, Oswalt not to blame





The Phillies had a lot of chances to win this game last night. They had runners on base in scoring position but again, they come up empty with not being able to do anything with it. If the Phillies don’t go all the way this year, this will be the reason why.


The offense needs a good overhaul, as there is something missing from this lineup. It’s been proven game after game in the last month or so. I think one of the biggest problems is Raul Ibanez hitting in the 5th spot right after Howard. A batter that is batting .241, and lacks getting the necessary hits in key spots to start rallies and scoring runners.


We saw a couple of errors last night by the Phillies also. This all added up to a 6-2 loss and put Roy Oswalt in the loss column. Oswalt didn’t pitch all that badly, he was out of the game when it was 4-2 and the Phillies couldn’t make up any ground to overcome this. You are not going to get a one hitter by Phillies pitchers every night, there has to be spark from the offense.


Rubbie De La Rosa was good for the Dodgers last night in his first start, but the Phillies could have changed this game with a couple of key hits. They just aren’t getting them though and to me, the story of the Phillies is how they can’t score rather than putting a bad spotlight on Roy Oswalt in this game. Oswalt wasn’t lights out, but the Phillies offense needs to do more in key spots.


Victorino, Polanco and Howard were all 0-11 last night combined. The struggle to reach base continues.


For Oswalt’s last two starts the Phillies have been asleep at the plate. Last night, they were a combined .161 at the plate and the last start for Oswalt on 6/1/11, the offense tallied up a .156 Batting Average for the team at the plate. You generally don’t win when this happens.


Cole Hamels (7-2 2.83 ERA) and the Phillies will try again tonight, they will face Hiroki Kuroda (5-6 3.46 ERA).

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