Monday, June 13, 2011

Phils manage to beat Cubs with key hit by Howard

It was ‘Father’s Day’ at the ballpark yesterday, the real one is the 19th but the Phillies are on the road, here is Brian Schneider and Dad on the radio with Jim Jackson yesterday

One decent hit was all the Phillies needed to win the series against the Cubs and send another sold out crowd home happy on a Sunday afternoon. There were plenty of opportunities for the Phillies on this day, but the offense was only able to capitalize a few times. Ryan Howard finally delivered that key hit with runners on 2nd and 3rd in the 7th inning, as his single scored two runs that allowed the Phillies to take a 4-3 lead in this game.

Roy Oswalt didn’t pitch a no-hitter on Sunday, but late in the game he turned it up a notch and fired the ball into Carlos Ruiz like a man on a mission just before the Phillies offense sputtered to life in the 7th inning. To me, he was trying to say ‘come on guys I am doing my part’.

I love the headlines that read ‘Offense picks up Oswalt’ in these type of games. Nothing can be further than the truth. In fact, it’s quite the opposite in yesterday’s game. The Phillies had so many chances to score, it was almost pathetic. Bases loaded twice and they only scored two runs out of it. This was against the Cubs and their 0-6 pitcher, Doug Davis with his 5.90 ERA.

Raul Ibanez was 1-4 in this game, he had two strikeouts in key spots of the game. His lone hit did produce an RBI though in the bottom of the 3rd. Carlos Ruiz left many on base in this game.

Yes, on this day the Phillies managed to win with a key hit by Ryan Howard. A win is a win, but there is still something strange about this offense. It’s like a water tap that was running hot a few seconds ago and then suddenly without warning it goes cold.

It’s an off day for the Phillies but still a work night as the ALS Phillies Phestival is on tonight at the ballpark. The gates open at 5 PM, and parking is available in lots R, S, and V. Players will be available from 6 PM to 7:45pm and of course there will be a lot of fun things to do all while helping the worthy ALS charity which fights Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

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