Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phillies win 2-1 go for sweep this afternoon vs Red Sox

Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler's comments on last night's win vs Boston on CSN Philly

Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Before this series with the Red Sox started I tried to reassure myself that even if the Phillies didn’t win this series, things would be ok. Imagine my delight now that the Phillies have taken both games at home against the Red Sox and today go for the sweep in the businessperson’s special at 1:05 down at Citizens Bank Park.

The Red Sox had been one of the hottest teams in baseball, they still are but they have stalled out with some offensive sputtering lately. Sound familiar? It’s uncanny that both the Red Sox and the Phillies have been enveloped by a cloud of offensive uncertainty. The Phillies have experienced this quite a lot this year, but the baseball gods must be smiling on them, because we keep on winning.

Charlie Manuel has said that the Phillies will stay atop the NL East until someone ‘hungrier’ comes along. I don’t like those propositions really. If you’re on the Atlanta Braves or the Mets and you hear and read those comments, it makes you want to play better and try and do just that. There are plenty of ‘hungry’ teams to go around, and plenty of season left in the baseball year.

I had some apprehension that Vance Worley would get a rude welcome from the Boston Red Sox last night. Worley did a lot to raise his stock and get beyond the latest asking of ‘what have you done for me lately’ type of mentality that some people have had toward him and pitchers like Kyle Kendrick. It’s good to see that Worley won last night and pitched a great game. It' was a 2-1 victory for the Phillies and the bullpen did a marvelous job as well. Who would have though Antonio Bastardo would be closing games out at all this season?

David Ortiz played first base last night, and Adrian Gonzalez was moved to right field in an attempt to generate some additional offense for the Red Sox last night. This move seems to have been best for the Red Sox, and on paper you would think that this would have done the job to generate offense, that is the funny thing though that this game of baseball is not played on paper but on the baseball field.

I can remember last season’s meet up with these Red Sox though, when the Phillies couldn’t get the job done against them. The Phils lost last year’s series with the Red Sox 4-2 during the regular season and it’s nice to be going for a sweep of the Red Sox today.

With every win against the Red Sox, were helping yet another giant in the AL East, and they are the NY Yankees. Somehow the Yankees must be rooting for the Phillies too in the back of their mind as with every Phillies win against the Red Sox, it puts the Sox that much further away from the Yankees.

It’ll be Cole Hamels today with his 9-4 record taking on the tough Jon Lester who is also 9-4 for the Red Sox. It’s perfect weather forecasted for this afternoon’s game at around 75 degrees.

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