Monday, June 20, 2011

Phillies road record is getting suspect




Wins and losses for the road can improve for the Phils




In 2009, the big story was that the Phillies road record was fabulous. They won game after game on the road and the opposite held true of their home record in ‘09. Fast forward to 2011 and the road record for the Phillies is 17-16, as compared to the best road record in baseball for a division leading team by the Boston Red Sox at 22-14.


The Phils of 2011 have two sides to them, one side can win and score runs like crazy and the other just can’t get it done. On Sunday, we saw the team that just can’t get it done as Cole Hamels pitched a great game but couldn’t benefit from it because the offense went to sleep.


upcoming series with cardinals should be interesting


The upcoming series with St. Louis starting on Tuesday night will tell a good story about this 2011 Phillies team. The Cards are locked up with the Brewers in a first place tie and this series will be a battle between two division leaders.


The Phils have more wins than any other division leading team in baseball, but somehow they make you feel they are missing something at times. The Braves are still very much in this race and the Mets have been playing better baseball too, along with the Washington Nationals. Right now the Phillies lead looks pretty good in the standings, they are 5.0 games up on the Braves, but if a string of losses happen, we could find this race much more interesting around the All Star Break.


Phillies in the standings:


45-28 / Home: 28-12  Road: 17-16 / Last 10: 8-2  First place: NL East

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