Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long wait for Cubs to make it to World Series continues in 2011

The Phillies and the Cubs used to be in the same boat as far as chances to be in the playoffs during the mid-1990's. It's still that way for Cubs fans as, the wait continues for them to make it to the ultimate series in baseball.

The running joke each year is when will the Cubs make the World Series or even the playoffs. Every year Cubs fans, who are amongst the most loyal in baseball, hope for their team to make it to the postseason. This year is no exception, but it looks like this year won't be the year they make it either. The Cubbies are a full 12 games under .500 as we head into play on Saturday afternoon.

The last time the Cubs were in the playoffs was when the Phillies won it all in 2008, that's a full three years ago now and the search continues for the next time the Cubs will make a playoff appearance.

The closest the Cubbies came recently to the World Series was in 2003, when the Cubs lost the NLCS by a 4-3 series loss to the Florida Marlins.

The Cubs have had one of the longest droughts in baseball. From the years 1946 to 1983, the Cubbies failed to even make the playoffs. In 1984, the Cubbies again came close to the elusive World Series bid when they lost in the NLCS to the San Diego Padres in a 3-2 series.

Here's what the Cubbies have been called in their franchise history:

Cubs: 1903 to present
Orphans: 1898 to 1902
Colts: 1890 to 1897
White Stockings: 1876 to 1889

Cubs World Series winners teams:  1907 + 1908

The Cubs have lost 7 World Series appearances since 1908, and one prior to 1907

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