Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day Game in Seattle

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The Phillies already celebrated Father’s Day for the hometown fans last Sunday, but today is the real Father’s Day and the Phils will play a 4:10 PM matchup today at Safeco Field in Seattle.

I’d like to send a hearty ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to all the dads who read this column, and if you’re anyone else than a dad, you can do something nice for dad today as it is the special day of the year in which we honor him.

The Phils have split the series with Seattle with a win last night their 45th of the year, 5-1 at the chilly Safeco Field. Seattle led most of the game 1-0 before the Phils stormed back to take this one by scoring 2 in the 7th inning and 2 more in the 9th inning. Shane Victorino had 4 RBI in this game.

ichiro philliesPeople that don’t follow the Mariners got a rare look at a guy we normally only see in the All Star Game. Ichiro Suzuki is a player who can teach you how to go about winning games. He unselfishly tries to get on base any way he can, and reminds me a lot about the way Pete Rose used to approach a pitcher. If you get on base, good things will happen as illustrated in game one of the series with Seattle, Ichiro got on base 3 times and scored 3 times.

Vance Worley is back as a Phillies starter. The Phils let him go 5 innings last night and he looked pretty sharp. Mention was made on the TV broadcast of how bringing Worley up as a starter and then trying to put him in the bullpen has hurt his game. This reminds me a lot of what happened with Brett Myers. Who’s decision is this to do these kind of things, I don’t think it’s Charlie Manuel.

It’s Cole Hamels for the Phillies today, he is 9-2 with a 2.49 ERA. Here is his season breakdown so far this year from baseball-reference:

Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt Dec IP ERA
1 Apr 5 PHI NYM L,1-7 L(0-1) 2.2 20.25
2 Apr 10 PHI @ ATL W,3-0 W(1-1) 7.0 5.59
3 Apr 17 PHI FLA W,3-2 7.0 4.32
4 Apr 22 PHI @ SDP W,2-0 W(2-1) 8.0 2.92
5 Apr 27 PHI @ ARI W,8-4 W(3-1) 7.0 3.13
May Tm Opp Rslt Dec IP ERA
6 May 3 PHI WSN W,4-1 W(4-1) 9.0 2.66
7 May 8 PHI ATL L,2-5 L(4-2) 7.0 2.83
8 May 13 PHI @ ATL W,5-4 6.0 3.19
9 May 18 PHI COL W,2-1 W(5-2) 8.0 2.92
10 May 23 PHI CIN W,10-3 W(6-2) 6.0 3.06
11 May 28 PHI @ NYM W,5-2 W(7-2) 7.0 3.01
June Tm Opp Rslt Dec IP ERA
12 Jun 3 PHI @ PIT L,1-2 8.0 2.83
13 Jun 8 PHI LAD W,2-0 W(8-2) 8.0 2.58
14 Jun 14 PHI FLA W,9-1 W(9-2) 7.0 2.49
PHI 97.2 2.49
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Generated 6/19/2011.

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