Saturday, May 28, 2011

Was the Mets owner Wilpon right about what he said?


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The Phillies and the Mets used to have a simmering rivalry over the course of a few seasons. The Mets added some names to the team way back in anticipation of being competitive and possibly contending for a division title.


The other day, Mets owner Fred Wilpon went on a tirade. He named players and said they were overpaid, they weren’t producing, and just a whole list of things that you don’t usually hear an MLB team owner saying. Was Wilpon right?


Maybe Fred Wilpon should be maddest at a guy who used to be his GM. Omar Minaya is his name, and any other owner in baseball would have cut this GM off way earlier than the Mets did. Minaya is the guy to blame for bringing the Mets a bunch of players that on paper looked good, but when it came down to team baseball, all the players Minaya brought in failed miserably to rise to the top of their game.


Minaya signed a lot of players to the kind of contracts that make you take a second look. He shared the Mets wealth with players named Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez, just to name a couple. Minaya’s tenure with the Mets is the real reason they are in the mess that they are in. Wilpon didn’t mention this though, at least to the press like he did the players.


A look at players and contracts that Omar Minaya landed for the Mets all of these players have had long stints on the DL and never blossomed for the team and have been paid very high salaries:


Johan Santana P  
Carlos Delgado OF  
Jason Bay OF  
Francisco Rodriguez P  
Carlos Beltran OF  
Luis Castillo 2B  


There have been many other players who have failed to produce all signed by Minaya. It’s just a culmination of events that have been adding up for years with the Mets to get them to this point.  The past 4 years all added up to one of the worst stretches of time for the Mets over the course of their history. All this at a time when the Mets moved to a brand new stadium in Queens.


The Mets are in a state of deconstruction, and that is probably the plan by Wilpon. Make the players want to leave New York, so he can get his payroll down, and start again from a more comfortable level. Will the fans be on board with this though? I think if I were a Mets fan, I would seriously look at all that has happened and take it all for what it is. You can be a fan of baseball, and follow another team!  

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