Friday, May 20, 2011

Rockies blast Phils leave town and some memories

A lot of fans don't remember the Phillies losing like they have been and not scoring too much in games. Charlie Manuel was asked about the hitting slump just yesterday and he said a few things about it on csnphilly and I started thinking about the times when the Phillies weren't that good, they didn't have the staff or payroll they had today.

The Phillies have come a long way from the days of Veteran's Stadium. Yes, there were winning years, but in between there was a lot of tough times. What's been happening to the Phillies in the past week or so has reminded me of those tougher times.

Some younger fans have maybe only been familiar with the last 5 years or so of Phillies baseball, they know the Phillies for being in the thick of things and going to the playoffs and generally having a moment in time where it looks as if the Phillies are on top of the MLB world. It wasn't always this way. Slumps, losing streaks, losses, and bad things on the baseball diamond are something that the older fans of the Phillies are well accustomed to.

If you're a true fan of the team, you ride through the bad times with a team, this is one of those times for the 2011 Phillies. As great as they came out of the gate this year, becoming the best team in baseball and taking the NL East by storm is now being replaced by today's story of 'What happened to the Phillies?"

It's the same group of players on the field, how can this happen to them?

Baseball happens. It's a long season, a tough 162 games of ups and downs, peaks and valleys. We haven't seen the end to the Phillies winning streaks and their greatness for 2011, but these are the times you just don't want to remember. Jason Giambi came into last night's game as a replacement for Todd Helton, who wasn't feeling good. Up to that point in the season, Giambi was in 14 games and only had 3 hits on the season in what is probably his last appearance in a major league uniform for his career. He stepped up and had a career night at 40 years old. He'll remember this night for the rest of his life, but Phillies fans would rather forget it.

The Texas Rangers now move into town to face a beleaguered team that just needs a good game to regroup. It's time for interleague play, and now the Phillies find themselves still in first place at 26-17 (.605) as we start to near the end of May. No time to panic, and even sound any alarms. It's baseball and I think the Phillies will work their way out of this slump and turn it up again.

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