Monday, May 16, 2011

Phils trip to Atlanta bears little fruit


The Phillies faced a tough Tim Hudson down in Atlanta yesterday. Hudson stalled the Phillies offense and even though Roy Halladay also pitched a very good game, you can’t win baseball games when you don’t score runs.

The Phils only ended up with 4 hits overall in Sunday’s game. One of the hits was a home run which accounted for the only runs of the game for the Phillies. It was good to see John Mayberry Jr. go deep for the Phillies as he got the start out in right for the Phils.

The Braves made the most out of their opportunities, Halladay didn’t give them too much to work with, but the Braves and Dan Uggla made the most of it. Uggla accounted for scoring all 3 of the Braves runs on this afternoon. Go figure, Uggla has been somewhat of a disappointment so far for the Braves and is only batting .205 on the season. He got the job done yesterday though.

It seems like Chipper Jones injuries may have caught up with him again, he was not in the Braves lineup yesterday. The Braves didn’t need him though to get the victory and take the series from the Phillies.

Roy Halladay’s record falls to 5-3 with the loss and it looks as if none of the aces on the Phillies are running away with the pitching crown so far. It’s not too far into the season, but I thought by now one of the ‘aces’ on the Phils staff would emerge with a better record than the rest.

It was great to see the Phillies in the throwback uniforms yesterday, though the Phillies ‘P’ on the caps was way bigger than we’ve ever seen it. It almost looked like a cartoon with how big it was on the cap.

It’s onto St. Louis for the Phillies, with a game tonight at 7:05 PM. Cliff Lee (2-3 with a 3.78 ERA) is on the mound for the Phils.  It’s a rare two game series there in St. Louis and then the Phillies continue their way back home to Philly for a short two game series with Colorado, and then Texas for the weekend (Fri – Sat – Sun) also at home in Philadelphia. He don’t see too many 2 game series in a season, but the Phillies have them back to game against their next two opponents.

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