Monday, May 30, 2011

Phils rest stars and lose chance for sweep in New York



Happy Memorial Day to all the readers of, hope you are having a great weekend and remember who we honor on this day. Now, my story about the game in New York yesterday.


  It was my first trip to Citi Field, and what a stadium it is. We travelled to Queens to see the Phillies take on the New York Mets. It was bit of a surprise when the Phillies lineup didn’t include Ryan Howard or Chase Utley on this Sunday afternoon game with a chance for the team to sweep the Mets and continue on with their road trip down to Washington DC.


  Not that the Phillies didn’t have a good team on the field on Sunday, but how can you decide to rest two players that are both making a big salary and should be playing as much as possible. These players don’t need a whole lot of rest, they want to be on the field and playing.


  The game started out bad for the Phillies, Vance Worley gave up an earned run, then Jimmy Rollins booted a ball that led to 3 more runs by the Mets overall in the first inning. Not a good start to the game. The Phillies just lacked spark in this game. They did come back with a little rally but it was far too little and too late for any real threat. It was one of those games that you don’t want to see a replay of. The Phillies pitching staff getting beat up with 17 hits against them, and Jose Reyes going 4-5 against you with a pair of triples.


I was very surprised at how baseball friendly the Citi Field is. The stadium had a lot of features that I really liked. The Mets had a nice brick lined area that had some fans who purchased a brick with their saying about the Mets on them, in the center of these bricked areas had a important piece of Mets history that was done in black granite that looked cool. The stadium itself featured a lot of nice areas to eat. Our ticket allowed us entry into a few of them, even though our seats were in the first level in left field. A nice feature for sure, the Caesars Club was a real nice place to have a lunch, and if you followed my twitter feed, I tweeted a lot of pictures from the ballpark yesterday. You can still see them if you follow @fightingphillies on twitter.


  The road trip continues in Washington, DC on Memorial Day. It’s a 1:05 PM game with Livan Hernandez  (3-6 3.71 ERA) taking on Roy Halladay (6-3 2.35 ERA). Halladay is looking for his 7th win on the season. Hopefullly, we’ll see the ‘real’ Phillies today on the field.

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