Sunday, May 22, 2011

Phillies poised to sweep interesting series from Texas





The Phillies offense is bubbling under like a volcano waiting to explode. After the awesome start to the 2011 season, the team has settled down from a roar to a peep in the last 8 days, they started off last Saturday (5/14) with a loss that extended to 4 losses in a row really quickly before winning these last 2 games at home with the Rangers.


Rare steal of home against the Phillies

The series with Texas has been very interesting. Not only is this interleague play and we don’t see Texas all that much, but the games have been tough and we’ve seen some plays that you don’t normally see the Phillies involved in. In game 1 of the Rangers series, the Rangers stole home right in the first inning. I was at the game but we were still finishing up a nice McFadden’s pre game meal and totally missed the play!


Phillies take first two games of the series with Texas

The Phils hung on to beat Texas 3-2 in the first game of the series on Friday. Ryan Madson closed out his 8th save of the year in this game, and the fans were on their feet at the end of the game to see Madson possibly strikeout the Rangers last batter, the game instead ended on an attempted steal of second base by Rangers left fielder, David Murphy. It’s been said that the last time the Phillies were in a game with a steal of home, and a CS or caught stealing to end the game was 1981, so that is kind of rare.


Aces start to churn up strikeouts and wins

Roy Halladay notched his club leading 6th win on Friday, and then Cliff Lee did the same to get to 4 wins on the season on Saturday night with a win and it was probably bitter sweet against his old team, the Texas Rangers. Halladay struck out 7 on Friday night, and Lee had 10 strikeouts last night.

Now, Roy Oswalt looks to go out and make it three in a row and possibly sweep the Rangers in the final game of the weekend matchup with the American League West first place team.


The Phillies are 5-5 in their last 10 games, only the Cleveland Indians have a better PCT (Win Percentage) than the Phillies, the Indians are at 28-15 or .651 and the Phillies are 28-17 or .622 so far in the season. It’s scary to think that we haven’t seen the best from the Phillies and they still are up at the top of the teams in the MLB in the overall record category.


Offense remains quiet

The Phillies offense is not producing all that much lately, the team has slipped to 23rd in the MLB of 30 teams with R (Runs) – they have scored 176. The OBP, On Base Percentage, is .313 which is 22nd in the MLB, and their Slugging Percentage is .368 which is 22nd in the league.


Brown returns to the Phillies starting lineup in right

We saw the return of Domonic Brown to the Phillies last night. What I noticed first about him was the first catch he made out in the field. He kind of did an extra move that you don’t see too much by major league players, and that move was a showboating that I don’t think adds to Brown’s game at all. After Brown caught the ball in the first inning, he made movement with his glove that reminded me of what you might see on a magic act or something, a sort of ‘Walllaaaa” – look what I’ve got. I hope the Phillies try to encourage Brown to change this about his game. On offense Brown did nothing to contribute to the victory, going 0-4 in his return.

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