Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phillies offense hits a rut, first 3 game losing streak of the season



The Phillies had been sailing along as the top team in baseball for a few weeks now. Now that they’ve got that out of their system, the team has calmed down to a middle ground and suddenly the team has found a rut in the road as they lost last night which brings them to first 3 game losing streak of the season.

The reasons for this are many. I’d like to call it a lack of situational hitting. The Phillies are getting base runners, but can’t score them. Take a look at what the Cardinals did last night. They bunted a runner early in the game, that is my kind of  baseball. Move the runner at any cost. The Phillies never do this, in fact, they hardly bunt at all. Who’s fault is this, and would it help the Phillies break out of this offensive slump?

The moment the good things on the field stop happening, is the moment that there is a microscope put on the whole team and why they aren’t as successful as they should be. This is now one of those times. There will be a lot said about the ballclub that only 10 days ago was unthinkable.

It’s the return of Roy Oswalt to the mound for the Phillies tonight. He’ll give us 60-65 pitches and it will be interesting to see what happens with his start tonight. After his warmup game in Clearwater, Oswalt left Brighthouse Field without speaking to anyone in the press. Why? Here were a group of reporters who were concerned about Oswalt but he wasn’t going to be bothered giving them a statement or two about himself. Hey Roy, how do ya feel? Hey, Roy, nice outing how is everything? No, he just left into a dark Florida night and off he went. Maybe this is how these guys treat one another in the clubhouse and this is just a big team of assembled superstars that have no time for anybody.


  1. The Phillies have been getting base runners?!?!?! Over the last three games they've had 23 players reach base. That's 23 runners in 27 innings. That's a 0.85 WHIP for the opposing pitchers. They most definitely have NOT been getting base runners. 12 hits in the last 27 innings. Atrocious

  2. They had 5 hits last night (5/17)- Monday (5/16) they had 5 hits and Sunday they had 4 hits. They haven't been getting blown out the games have been close. 2-1 last night, 3-1 on Monday and 3-2 on Sunday. Combined that is 8-4 total runs scored in 3 games by both teams.

    The Phillies are just not scoring and that is my point. If they are getting hits, they don't score anyone.

    Look at the Cardinals from last night (5/17) they banged out 13 hits and got 2 runs out of it.