Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phillies Memories: Matt Stairs will always be ‘Mr Clutch’ in Phillies fans memories, here’s ‘Talking with Charlie’


Charlie Manuel has a bit of a cold in this video, but that doesn’t stop him from really showing some love for Matt Stairs in a recent interview that he did with Stairs when the Nationals were in town.

Stairs will always be welcomed in Philly, and he has hit one of the most famous home runs in Phillies history with his long, fly ball that sailed deep into the LA skies and seemed to sail forever when the Phillies needed a home run off of the Dodgers the most.

Thanks to WPHL 17 for the interview, the ‘Home of the Phillies’ on TV in the Philly area.

And oh yeah, you actually want to see that home run again don’t you?

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