Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phillies come home looking for offense and a win



The rare two-game series continues tonight, it’s the Rockies in for a cup of coffee and a short series in Philly. The Phillies are in a funk, it’s a 4 gamer at the moment with no end in sight.

The Rockies just took a quick two-game series from San Francisco at home in Colorado, and now they are looking for to do the same to the Phils. The Rocks aren’t invincible though, they’ve gone through a spate of losing in the last 12 games also.

The team will break out of this funk, and when they do, all will be forgotten when we look for the answers on why this occurred in the first place. For now though the microscopes are out, the numbers are what they are.

The focus is on the offense at the moment. I’ve been hearing some whispers of a Hunter Pence for ‘someone deal’. That someone was rumored to be Vance Worley. Would you do the deal? We’re stocked full of aces, would you mortgage the future for what we could have now?

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