Friday, May 06, 2011

How Sweep it is!

How sweep it is! Phillies get their third series sweep of the season so far with the Nationals being swept at home in Philly.

Who say Raul Ibanez is done? The man has a lot more to give the Phillies even though he is in his final year of his three year deal. The terrible slump he has been in is just a distant memory now. It really seems like Raul is playing just as he did when he joined the Phillies. Remember back to the days when steroids were still the talk of baseball, and everyone thought that Raul had a bit of super human power when he burst onto the scene in Philly.

If my posts have been late in arriving, it's because I am away for this week, in San Francisco and waiting for Willie Mays 80th Birthday party that the Giants are celebrating on Friday night out here in the City By the Bay.

    I'll have much more on Willie Mays in a later post on Friday, here on, Mays was a special player, he's part of the 'old guard' in baseball, legends of yesterday that are becoming a rare breed anymore. Time and the passing of generations have not forgotten Mays and his play in baseball.

    Phillies notes from the Nationals series:

  • Roy Halladay becomes the first Phillies pitcher this year with 5 wins
  • The Phils improve to 21-9 on the season or .700 winning percentage
  • The home sellout streak for the Phillies is at 140 now
  • Next up is Atlanta, they are one of the hottest teams in baseball this week, playing one of the hottest teams in the Phillies. Cliff Lee is up first vs. Derek Lowe to kick off the series in Philly

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