Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hamels seeks 4th win and Werth returns to CBP



Cole Hamels will be looking to join Roy Halladay with 4 wins as the Phillies now settle in with plenty of games against their NL East opponents. It’s Jason Werth’s first trip to Citizen’s Bank park this season, although we loved him when he was on the Phils- I can’t help to think Jason won’t be heckled out in right field tonight.


appreciate the memories, they were golden


I am thinking back to last season, when Werth meant a lot to this team. He really contributed a lot to the team. The fans really enjoyed his hustle too, Philly fans love a guy who gives his all. Werth has said he didn’t feel appreciated in Philly, but I don’t think he meant by the fans.


Just as it was a business decision that Werth made going to the Nationals, so did the Phillies have a big decision to make. The Phillies balked on making a higher offer for their All Star Werth and were prepared to see him go. Werth felt that he had to go with the huge contract and luckily for him, the Nats were there with an open checkbook for him. Phillies management surely respected Werth’s play on  the field, though it may not have felt like that to Werth.


Werth’s time in Philly was precious, he won a World Series with the team in 2008, and went with them to the Series in 2009 vs. the Yankees. Making it to the World Series is a goal that is set by every major leaguer, Most players never get a chance to experience the dream, Werth seemingly cashed in the chips when he went to the Nationals, but he may never experience the thrill of going deep into the playoffs and or going back to the World Series.


putting a price on a champion


You can’t really put a price on getting into playoffs or World Series. It is there that true champions are born and then become legends. The players who actively seeked to come to the Phillies never had the opportunity in their careers to get really far into the playoffs, it is there that both Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, along with Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels hope to end up, oh yeah all the other players on the team want that as well.


Werth may someday find the Nationals in a place that I am sure he’d like to be. It may be this season or maybe next season if baseball expands the playoffs. Nothing is certain, not even an appearance by the Phillies in the playoffs,  but I am sure Werth will have some memories playing back in his mind tonight that will never be erased about his time playing with the Philadelphia Phillies at home.

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