Sunday, April 17, 2011

“Tweet A Beer” at CBP From PhilsBeerman “Phillies Talk” Interview

His name is ‘Bill The Beerman’ #142 and he’s been a beerman at the Phillies games for years now, and recently he has come up with a novel way to serve his customers at the ballpark.

 If you have a smartphone like an iPhone, or Android phone or device- you can use Twitter, which is a communications program, to order a nice cold beer or water to cool you down this season.


If you are in the following sections, 101-107 and 201-211, or 301-310 – then you can tweet Bill his name on twitter is  PhilsBeerman  - he vends BudLight beer!

Here is the interview that “Phillies Talk” podcast did with Bill just this week. I always like to see the vendors at the ballpark and the beermen and other vendors do a great job and work hard to get the fans the items they need to enjoy the game.

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