Sunday, April 03, 2011

Roy ‘O’ Looks to Dismantle Former Team

He’ll probably have a tough time realizing that the team he is pitching against today was the only team he has been on in baseball his whole career. Roy Oswalt will take the mound for the Phillies this afternoon in the first Sunday game of the 2011 season. As I’ve said for Cliff Lee, Roy ‘O’ would probably be an ace on any team this year. He’ll go out on the mound this afternoon to prove that point to his old Astros team.

Oswalt has been nothing short of spectacular since he’s joined the Phillies. There was a bit of indecision with him actually leaving the Astros, but it was the best thing he could have done for himself. The Astros have some talented players, but they don’t appear to have all of the pieces of the puzzle needed to get to great places in the MLB.

Roy’s 7-1 and 1.74 era season in the short time he was with the Phillies was amazing and he looks to build on that Phillies career total today in Philly.

I’ll be up at the game and taking it all in to tell you first hand what’s going on, there’s nothing like the smell of Spring and baseball is in the air.

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