Friday, April 01, 2011

Phillies Win Game 1 in Dramatic Fashion - 'Phillies Talk' Saturday at 10 AM

The Phillies won game 1 in dramatic fashion today with the walk-off hit from John Mayberry Jr. - what a way to start off the season.

I'll be talking with Kerel Cooper from 'On The Black' the NY Mets blog tomorrow, at 10 AM live here on the 'Phillies Talk' podcast, we'd like to join us for the Mets preview against the Phillies which starts on Tuesday.

Phillies News and Notes:

   Chase Utley will unveil his brand new PETA print ad on Monday in Philadelphia. He's gonna be talking about 'Always adopt and Never Buy" when it comes to as a way to help save homeless dogs and cats.

  Utley's dog, 'Jack', is also in the commercial and he'll be there as well. Utley adopted Jack, whose parents were resuced from a dogfighting ring, and Utley has been a champion of the cause for a long time. PETA says there are more than 8 million dogs and cats put in shelters every year in the US, and roughly half of them have to be euthanized.

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