Monday, April 04, 2011

Phillies vs Mets Preview Podcast, How Sweep It Is!


Here’s an audio podcast I did with Mets blogger, Kerel Cooper, from We talk baseball and previewed the teams that will meet on the field in Philly on Tuesday. Click the player right in this post to hear the show, or you can always download it from iTunes or Android podcasts.

The sweep yesterday was awesome. I really was impressed with the way the Phillies sort of effortlessly completed the sweep with the offense really coming to life yesterday. It was the 2nd largest crowd ever at CBP, and a lot of fans never left their seat for most of the game. I’ve never seen the level of interest at a game that I’ve been at, there was big crowds even at BP to watch the teams practice on the field., New video scoreboard

Here’s a quick look at the new scoreboard that really has amazing HD style clarity. I felt like I was watching one of the biggest HDTV set’s in the world. It just pulls you in and grabs you with the clarity and the ease of viewing. The only thing I didn’t like was the ‘birthdays section’ that is when your loved one puts your name on the scoreboard and age sometimes for all to see, well the print was so small you could barely see that, but maybe that’s something they can work on.

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