Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phillies Reunion with Werth Tonight in DC

The Phillies will be playing the Washington Nationals tonight for the first time this season in DC. Jayson Werth, who left the Phils for the Nationals and a $126M and a brand new contract, will be reunited with his old teammates tonight.

The press had gotten hold of a few quotes in the offseason that Werth had supposedly made towards his old team. One of which went something to the effect of, "I can't wait to beat the Phillies this year." This was probably more hype than anything, but I suspect Werth would love to had his old team a loss, and he'll be playing as hard as ever tonight and during all the games this year against them.

Tonight will be a valuable start for Joe Blanton. He really needs to start pitching better. He had long been considered the 'go to' guy on the pitching staff that got the job done and went the distance. Blanton probably feels a bit jaded, having reportedly been offered around in the offseason. He can only help himself by doing well though.

The pitcher that the Phillies are facing tonight has more baseball lives than a cat. It's Livan Hernandez. He didn't seem like he would remain as a big league pitcher after he left the Mets in 2009. He has done well with Washington though. He won 10 games last year. Hernandez has had some really good seasons and below par seasons as well. Overall he is 166-164 lifetime. This is Livan's 16th year in the big leagues.Hernandez has an even 156-156 National League record overall.

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