Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phillies Bookshelf: ‘162-0: Imagine a Phillies Perfect Season’ by Paul Kurtz and on ‘Phillies Talk’ tonight at 6:30 PM EDT


The title of this new book about the Phillies is compelling. “162-0: Imagine A Phillies Perfect Season” is the new Phillies book written by Paul Kurtz.

Every time I tell someone about the new book that I am reading and reviewing here at FightinPhillies.com, their eyes become wide open and they really get excited just at the title.

The author of the book will be on tonight’s Phillies Talk webcast at 6:35 PM EDT, right here on the website. How can you listen just open your browser to the FightinPhillies.com site at 6:35 PM, with your computer speakers turned on. Communicate with us when we go live! just click on the audio player that you see on the top of this post, when the player says “Live Now” – that should be at 6:35 PM Eastern tonight. With your computer speakers connected, you should be able to hear the show and even communicate with us live.162-0-Phillies_300

The book is a time capsule of Phillies wins throughout the baseball season. It’s a season that the Phillies never lose. Isn’t that what most Phillies fans think is supposed to happen?

Paul Kurtz, who if the name sounds familiar  is because he has worked for KYW 1060 news radio for over 32 years, has chronicled the most memorable victories for everyday on the baseball calendar.

 In the book, you will read a lot about things that you may have forgotten about as you have watched Phillies baseball over the years. You’ll also read some things that have happened over the course of Phillies history that you are reading and learning about for the first time.

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Just some of the interesting day to day chronicles of the 162-0 season. Stories in the book include actual press accounts and box scores of what happened along with photos:

April 17th 1976
Mike Schmidt’s 4 HR and 8 RBI erase double digit deficit as Phils beat Cubs
May 17th 1979
Phils beat the Cubs 23-22 in 10 innings
June 13th 2008
It’s beatdown time at the Phillies beat the Cards 20-2
July 4th 1938 (Game 2)
Phillies win in their new home, “Shibe Park” on the 4th
August 9th 2008
Myers loses cool with Manager Charlie Manuel, Rollins goes 4-4 for 2 triples in win
September 1st 1997
Schilling strikes out 16 in big win over Yankees

  These were just a few of the fun stories that I randomly selected to list here, there are a whole lot more. If fact, I think you won’t want to put this book down for too long. It’s a very great chronicle of Phillies wins from the early days until now.

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