Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Listen to the "Phillies Talk" webcast interview with Paul Kurtz - Phillies book author

It was a great show last night with Paul Kurtz, if the name sounds familiar it is because Paul can be heard on KYW 1060 news radio! His new Phillies book is a winner and I can't seem to put this gem down. The stories you'll read in the book that he wrote brings back memories for those who lived through certain games that the Phillies played over the years and is just like opening a time capsule and unveiling some stories that you've never heard of before.

The book is  "162-0 Imagine a Phillies Perfect Season" put out by Triumph Books. You can find it on yesterday's post on and buy it right from the link for the best price. Also, you can find it everywhere books are sold be it at Borders or your favorite bookseller.

The Phillies have dropped two games in a row, no need to panic though. It's Cliff Lee in for the 1:05 PM businessperson's special today at the ballpark.

Hope you like the interview with Paul, it was a fun time for us to do the show. Thanks to Bill at Triumph for arranging the interview.

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