Sunday, April 24, 2011

Game Winning Hit stat needs to be brought back

  Game Winning Hit and Game Winning RBI needs to be brought back!

Sometimes, the hits that players get don’t always get recognized as they should. Take Ryan Howard’s last two games for instance. He delivered hits that lead to the win in each of the last two games by the Phillies in San Diego on 4/22/11 and 4/23/11, but unless you go digging game by game into the baseball boxscore, you’d probably forget this feat that Howard did a year from now when the memory starts to fade.

In this day of a zillion baseball stats that are kept, I was surprised to see that the ‘Game Winning Hit’ stat is one that is not kept by anyone. There used to be an official stat for this, but it was shortlived, it was only kept officially from 1980-1988.

The same holds true for ‘Game Winning RBI’ – it is not something that is kept anymore by official scorers. It seems like this would be something that people would be interested in looking up, especially on the internet in the information age that we live in.

During the short amount of time that the record was kept officially, the old Phillies batting coach and former Phil, Milt Thompson, is in a tie for the most Game Winning RBI’s at 4 during a season consecutively (1987). He shares the record along with Ozzie Smith, and Johnny Ray in the NL.

These two stats should be brought back into existence. Yes, it’s mainly for trivia, but it’s cool to look at who has come up big for a team at a glance.

Did you remember that Milt Thompson got 4 game winning RBI games in a row for the Phillies back in 1987? I didn’t but I was delighted to revisit this and I think it garners a lot of interest by fans.

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