Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Western road trip for Phils starts tonight



    Beautiful San Diego is where the Phillies are now


The Phillies will be on television, radio, and online late tonight in the Philadelphia area at 10:05 PM local time. It’s the first road trip out to the West coast for the Phils for 2011. First stop on the brief road journey is San Diego. The Padres have an 8-10 record and just returned home from a series in Chicago against the Cubs. The last day of the road trip for the Padres was a day/night doubleheader that they played in Chicago. I kind of expect them to be a bit tired still.


San Diego has sunk straight to the bottom in the NL West, but their pitching has been surprisingly solid. The overall ERA for the Padres staff is better than the Phillies in fact.


The Padres are victimized this year mainly by a poor bullpen, the starters may hold a lead but when the bullpen is called upon, the team usually ends up with a loss. The Padres added Aaron Harang in the offseason. Harang used to pitch with the Reds and this year, Aaron already has four wins, and a 1.88 ERA . Harang is a local to San Diego, he was born there and went to college there as well. Maybe the Padres should have picked him up years ago.


For the Phillies tonight it will be Roy Oswalt, who is 2-0 with 2.50 ERA. Oswalt has taken out of the ballgame in his last start due to back spasms or pain in his lower back. Roy gets the first start of four games with San Diego. His opponent for the Padres will be Mat Latos. Latos hasn’t been sharp for the Padres yet, he is 0-2 with a 5.84 ERA.


The Phillies will throw: Hamels, Blanton, and Halladay at the Padres for this trip. The series will wrap up on Sunday in San Diego, and the Phillies travel on to Arizona to face the Diamondbacks.


Last year’s record against Padres: 5-2. Lifetime record for Phillies at Petco Park in San Diego 18-4.

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