Monday, April 18, 2011

Blanton seeks first win against Brewers


Blanton Delivers

Blanton Looks for Win Tonight vs. Brew Crew

Ever since the Phillies traded for Joe Blanton in 2008, we’ve kind of like him as a pitcher. He has been a guy that has a reputation to pitch well and eat a lot of innings in the process. He’s been a guy that you didn’t have to worry that much about.

Blanton was supposedly shopped heavily in the offseason, the Phillies stocked themselves with aces and then management looked at Blanton and decided he may be part of some package to deal off to never never land.

The fact is though that Blanton has been a solid pitcher for the Phils since he has arrived here from Oakland in July of 2008. Blanton was welcomed to the Phillies in ‘08 and had a 4-0 record to finish off the magical season when the Phillies won it all a couple years ago.

In 2009, Blanton proved he wasn’t a fluke. His season was comprised of 31 starts and he finished with a 12-8 record. Last year, Blanton again had 28 starts and produced a 9-6 record. It’s not a 20 game winning season, and he didn’t pitch a perfect game, but Blanton has been steady for the Phils and shouldn’t be judged on a couple bad outings as he has had already this season.


Blanton had this to say to the press in response to his first two starts of the year. "I'm giving up a lot of hits with runners on, which is never good," Blanton said. "So, I have to make an adjustment there. It's not mindset or anything like that."


Phillies Off To Blazing start in 2011

Did I mention how well the Phillies have started off this season? The Phils are 10-4 so far, and an impressing 6-2 at home as we welcome in the Brewers tonight.

Believe it or not, Cleveland has a better overall record than the Phillies at 11-4 throughout the MLB, and Colorado has been incredibly hot as they are 12-3 so far in this early part of the season.

The head scratcher for many is Boston at 4-10 so far, and in the NL, Atlanta seems to have issues at 7-9.


Brewers here for three games

It’s the Brew Crew in town for three games tonight at 7:05 PM, Tuesday at 7:05 PM, and the first ‘real’ businessman’s special on Wednesday at 1:05 PM for afternoon baseball in Philly.

I hope Charlie Manuel starts respecting some good hitters. He needs to adjust sometimes against Prince Fielder, and pitch around him. Let’s see what happens in this series.

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