Saturday, April 30, 2011

1:10 PM Start This Afternoon for Phillies on Fox Saturday Baseball

<a href="" target="_new" title="Rosenthal: MLB on FOX Preview">Video: Rosenthal: MLB on FOX Preview</a> 

The Phillies get the rare 1:10 PM start today in Philadelphia for the early game on Fox Saturday Baseball. The Phillies will have Roy Halladay on the mound, in a game that is sure to be one of the more interesting games on the schedule today.

The Braves and the Cardinals will also be on Fox stations at 1:00 PM, and a third game is an American League matchup, the Angels vs. Rays from Florida. You’ll be seeing the game that is based on your location in the country of course, so for some Phillies fans, you won’t be seeing the game if you live in certain areas that overlap the other games locations. 

The Fox Sports commentator Ken Rosenthal says, ‘he’s concerned about this current Phillies team’ and in the video here the commentator says, ‘ok, so the Atlanta Braves could win the division’. I don’t think so, come on guys what are you watching?

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