Sunday, March 27, 2011

Philly Mag: April Edition with Cliff Lee


Cliff Lee: the guy who loves you back

I just received my new edition of Philadelphia magazine for April 2011. On this month's cover is Cliff Lee, and it speaks of a team, a town, and  a love story. There is a comical little blurb on the cover photo to the right of Cliff Lee's picture, it says “Cliff Lee: the guy who loves you back.”

Phillies fans were up in arms when they heard that Cliff Lee was traded before the start of last season. The news that we were getting Roy Halladay was awesome, but we were all sad to see Cliff Lee, who had been so spectacular for the Phillies, leave this team the way he did. Lee was a one-man wrecking crew in the 2009 World Series versus the Yankees. He almost pitched like he was superhuman, and the fans recognized him and talk to him right away.

Cliff Lee has a great personality, he is approachable and likable and he gets the job done and is at the top of his game in the pitching department. He is also a welcome sight back on the Phillies team that now boasts 4 legitimate aces on the team. Lee has said he never wanted to leave Philadelphia, it wasn't his choice. And he chose to come back here from Texas, when he could've gone to other teams at his request.

In this Philadelphia magazine article, it states that Cliff Lee loves Philadelphia and Rittenhouse Square. They also wants his kids to grow up in Philadelphia, surrounded by all the history that started this country. Lee's wife has been quoted by Philly mag  by telling Ruben Amaro Jr, “You broke my heart once, please don't break my heart again.”

Susan Finklestein, Rabid Phillies fan

In this edition of Philadelphia magazine for April 2011, you will find a lot of articles centered around the Phillies and the 2011 season. There's even an ode to the fans of the Phillies, which includes a kind of notorious fan named Susan Finkelstein. She was a fan who was arrested in 2009 by an undercover cop and convicted last year of attempted prostitution, when it was alleged that she would trade certain services for Phillies World Series tickets. The article has her clutching a World Series ticket with her teeth and not wearing much else in the process. This is Philadelphia what do you want?

Philly Mag polls, show some love to Wheeler…

61% of voters answered a poll by Philly mag regarding Jayson Werth's hair, and who will make up for his hair now that he is gone. The winner was Chase Utley, as readers expect him to change his hair design this year, we'll see what happens with that.

Another vote by Phillies fans in this additional Philly mag, had them voting for their favorite Phillies announcer. Larry Andersen won that vote, but I was surprised how low the vote was for Chris Wheeler, who has been in the Phillies broadcast booth for years now and is a very nice guy. He may not always be perfect on the air, but that's what makes him human, and I like that.

So if you want an interesting read on this Phillies season that starts in a few days, grab your edition of Philly magazine off the newsstand today you'll really enjoy it if you're a Phillies fan.

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