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Phillies Opening Day Media coverage for April 1st

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Opening Day at the ballpark is always a really special day. I always hear the song, "The Boys Are Back In Town" on that day on the radio, and if you're at the ballpark, it's electricity in the air. If you can't be at the ballpark then Comcast has you covered for the Opening Day events.They won't be carrying the Opening Day game, but they have a lot of coverage before and after the game and the first night game televised which in the next night, Saturday night, April 2nd at 7:00PM.

Here's the lineup of coverage for the first two games for the Phillies on Comcast:

Comcast SportsNet Opening Day Schedule for Friday, April 1
12 p.m.                                                  SportsRise
12:30                                                     Phillies Pregame Live
4 p.m.                                                     Phillies Postgame Live
5 p.m.                                                     Daily News Live
6 p.m.                                                     SportsNite

The Comcast Network schedule for Saturday, April 2
6 p.m.                                                     Phillies Focus
6:30 p.m.                                               Phillies Pregame Live
7 p.m.                                                     Phillies vs. Houston
Immediately after the game             Phillies Postgame Live

Comcast has a new feature this year, it's slow that slow motion:

2011 Broadcast Enhancements
New game enhancements for the 2011 Phillies season include the introduction of “Ultra Mo,” the latest HD technology that is capable of showing slow-motion replays of over 2,000 frames per second. Additional new enhancements include an all-new graphics package and score bug which will provide pertinent information using the latest technology in a viewer-friendly format.

  Comcast Reporters for this year's Phillies coverage:

All The Bases Covered
Leslie Gudel, Marshall Harris and Jim Salisbury team up for expanded Phillies coverage during the 2011 season. As’s Phillies Insider, Salisbury will report on the team both at home and on the road, providing feature stories, video blogs and Phillies chats for the website. Gudel and Harris will provide coverage on-air and online, including exclusive interviews and feature stories on the players, coaches and personalities that make the Phillies tick.  Harris will also host Phillies Clubhouse this season. Fans can follow Salisbury, Gudel and Harris on Twitter at @jsalisburyCSN, @lesliegudel and @omarshallharris, respectively.

Opening Day Game   Phillies vs Houston Astros

 PHL17 will have a lot of programming on as well, stay tuned for the details.

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