Monday, March 28, 2011

New look of Phillies 2011 travel home today

JRoll maybe pondering his '100 Win' Prediction now

The Phillies spring training season went by very quick in 2011. Here near the end of March, the Phillies return to their home today and will start off two games for the on-deck series with the Pirates on Tuesday night at 7:05pm, and Wednesday afternoon at 1:05pm.

When I say the ‘new look’ of the Phillies, I just don't mean the addition of Cliff Lee. The group that will be leaving Florida tonight, is one that Phillies fans didn't expect to see when the season opens this year. Injuries have taken their toll on the team already, and I think the overstated optimism of the preseason look at the Phillies has been dulled a little by the recent spate of injuries to affect the Phillies team.

The Phillies will head north without a named closer, Brad Lidge will start the season on the DL as will Chase Utley. Jayson Werth's replacement in right field, was supposed to be Domonic Brown, he is also down due to injury. The right-field spot will probably be inhabited by either Ben Francisco or Ross Gload. I would like to see Gload a chance to play every day, he seems like he could carry his own in right field and at the plate, all he needs is a chance.

At second base, who would've thought we would be seeing Luis Castillo playing second base for the Phillies on opening day? This appears likely now, it's nice to have a glove like Castillo's out there on the field, I am not expecting him to tear up the offense, the rest of the team will have to pick up for that.

So on this final day of spring training 2011, we look back over the spring training season and see that it hasn't been kind to the Phillies. I never like to look at the wins and losses of spring training, but I did notice this year there was more losses than I care to see from this team. That's the funny thing about baseball it's still a human game and human things happen during the course of these games. There is no way to predict it or know what is coming next. This team had a lot of high hopes before spring training started and I hope some of them come true during the season.

 Joe Owens from 'The Express-Times' and Lehigh Valley offers 5 reasons why the Phillies will win the 2011 World Series read about it here. 

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