Saturday, March 05, 2011

Manuel's Contract Still Not Done

(Ken Selinger- The Charlie Manuel Show / February 17, 2011)
Courtesy of PHL17

The saga of Charlie Manuel's contract drags into March now that nothing is finalized to keep the skipper in town for at least another season or two after this year.

It's really one of the stories this year, that hasn't gotten the attention it should be getting in the press.

You have one of the more successful managers in baseball for the Phillies, and the Phils upper brass seem like they want to play hardball with Charlie on what could arguably be the last few years in baseball for him, as he is 67 years old.

The Phillies may be styling themselves after the NY Yankees when it comes to acquiring free agents, but they seem less inclined to take care of Manuel to make him one of the highest paid manager's in the league. That is leaving the Phils top management look a little like scrooge at Christmas time. The team that has everything, but now really seems reluctant to let Manuel get a taste of the success that he has been a major part of.

I know the blog hasn't always seen eye to eye with Manuel on certain moves he has made, but you can't argue the success that the Phillies have enjoyed when he has been at the helm. That is what makes or breaks a manager isn't it?

Baseball managers are starting to look more like players now when it is coming to salary. Most of the top highly regarded managers are making salaries that are $4 million or more dollars. It may be a case of who is going to blink first. Will it be Manuel, who may settle for less than what he should be getting or will the Phillies dust off their 'pot of gold' and find some more for Charlie as it seems that nothing has come to fruition concerning a deal?

This is the minor story of Spring Training, that is starting to look more major as time goes on.

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