Thursday, March 24, 2011

Forbes: Phillies Are 6th Richest Team in Baseball


Phillies Worth 609M


The Phillies have molded themselves after the style of the New York Yankees in the past couple of years. The team has gone out and signed several big money free agents and have signed their own superstar talent to multi-year deals that stretch out for years after the team won the World Series in 2008. The team that won it all in 2008 is drastically different from this year’s team and last, we’ll see if that helps the Phillies capture their third championship in franchise history in 2011.


Phillies rank as 6th richest franchise according to Forbes

The Phillies have spent a lot of money on the team they have assembled this year, their payroll ranks up in the top few teams as far as the amount, but in a recent post from has put the Phillies as the 6th richest team in baseball at $609M. Read the full story on all the MLB teams and players here.


The story also talks about all of the problems that two MLB franchises that Forbes has ranking above the Phillies, the New York Mets and LA Dodgers. Both of those teams have excellent worth of the teams, but the owners are in deep in debt and it doesn’t look too good for either owner personally.


When you take into account that the Phillies were purchased by a limited partnership in 1981 for $30M, you can see that this was a very good investment for the group and one that is really blossomed.


The overall valuation of a team is comprised of several components. The value of the stadium, and other items go into the overall value of the team. Read the individual breakdowns on the Phillies by Forbes here.


This report is something that Forbes does every year about this time, it’s an interesting read for sure. The next time you buy a ticket to the Phillies game, you will have contributed to the empire that the Phillies have become as an overall franchise. Good thing these owners didn’t sell in the lean times, when the Phillies aren’t doing as well as they are now. The Phillies are now a money making machine!

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