Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Castillo in for 10 day trial

Luis Castillo has had a terrific career at second base

It was probably really tough for a guy like Luis Castillo to accept a 10 day trial contract from the Phillies. If he is still playing, he obviously feels that he has something to offer a major league team. The Phillies seem interested in his services, but they want a trial period to make sure.

I am sure Castillo can still field, can he hit? That remains to be seen. The Phillies seem to want to have the best of both worlds, and still get a player on the cheap to fill what could be an interesting season for Chase Utley. The Phillies find themselves in a bit of a quandary. You're not going to get a guy for has all the talents that they need to fill Utley's shoes at a cheap price. Settle for the defense of Castillo and the occasion hit and you may just be alright though.

Don't feel too bad for Castillo though, the Mets still have to pay him $6 million for this season, even though they cut him loose. Some average fans won't even make that much in their whole careers, yet they go to the ballpark and support the sport and contribute to these huge mega salaries. More on this throughout the season, on the money aspects of the MLB.

We're on the countdown now, less than 10 days to Opening Day and they're talking that 'S' word in the Philly area. Yes, Snow! and Sleet possible in the a.m. today in the Philly metro area.

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