Thursday, February 24, 2011

Phillies to start with Exhibition game today

  The Phillies start their unofficial first game of the Spring Training season this afternoon with a tune up game against the Florida State Seminoles today at 1:05 PM. It's the first game that the Phillies will play under the new 'Dream Team' setup of the starting rotation that Phillies have put in place.

  The Seminoles have been very successful in the past few years, they've made the College World Series a total of 20 times already. The Florida State team is the most successful team in Division I baseball since 2000. Read more about the Sems here from the Orlando Sentinal.

  Jimmy Rollins, who was invited by President Obama to a Motown Sound awards ceremony in Washington DC, won't be playing today as well as Chase Utley, who is sore from some heavy workouts. Maybe Utley should have started his 'intense' workouts the week earlier, or he should have adjusted his workout accordingly if he did too much lately.

  None of the Phillies 'Fab 5' starters will face the Seminoles today, the Phillies will throw their reserves at the Florida State team. Look for the Phils to start Halladay on Saturday against the Yankees, although this is just my speculation.


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