Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comments Werth Noting....

Werth may watch a lot of these hits go into the Philly stands as a National this year

It's always Jimmy Rollins who usually steps out on a lidge for the Phillies with some preseason comments and tomfoolery with the press. That is the Phillies, now we have a new contender for trash talking or prediction making in the National League. No, it's not the NY Mets and the usual suspects... it's someone we're more familiar with.

That someone is Jayson Werth. The new Washington Nationals multimillionaire outfielder has given up his usual reserved demeanor and has laid down what he expects to be true in the National League. Jayson Werth said on his new Nationals team, "No one has won any games or lost any games this year. I've always said, I look for the challenge and I pull for the underdog. I'm in a situation here where it's going to be a challenge. We are going to do some things most people think are impossible. I love that position."

Yes, now we have a prediction. Just what does Werth mean by do some things most people think are impossible? The thought goes immediately to an edition of 'Superman', who's unending powers allow him to do just about anything, scale large buildings in a single bound, you know the rest... faster than a speeding bullet...... more powerful than a locomotive......

Read more about Jayson's new team, the Washington Nationals here on MLB.com

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