Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will the Phillies miss Jayson Werth this season?

Werth's move to Washington may have brought money, but will he be happy?

I came across this subject while reading some posts elsewhere on the internet. I think it's a subject worth, pardon the pun, exploring a little bit. Will the Phillies miss the contributions of Jayson Werth this season?

The obvious answer is yes. I think the Phils will miss the attitude and swagger that Werth was starting to cultivate so well when he was on the Phillies, particularly the last season that he played in 2010. Werth had real good reasons to do well, namely getting a new contract from a ballclub that was willing to pay the price for his successes that he's had at the plate.

What Jayson often brought to the game was a willingness to do well. He tried his best, and Phillies fans recognized his strong desire to succeed and appreciated it. That will probably always be a part of what Jayson brings to the game.

Will Werth be as successful as he was when he was a Phillie? Now that one is up to great debate. The Phillies, in the past three seasons in particular, have been a team with a mandate. That mandate is to make the playoffs and then go as deep into the playoffs as possible with a World Series appearance being the ultimate goal. Will the Nationals team of 2011 inspire a guy like Werth to do better knowing that they may not have that great of a chance to even make the playoffs in 2011?

This is a dilemma that Jayson will have to deal with. The Nationals may not lose 100 games this year, but they surely appear not to be in the driver's seat to win 100 games either. That fact has to hit home on a player like Werth, so we'll see what happens.


  1. Werth will be missed. The coaches will miss his lack of injuries, versatility, 5-tool play, work ethic, & winning attitude. The Phila press will miss his dry wit in postgame interviews. Howard will miss his back up, Victorino will miss his coverage, Polanco & Ruiz will miss his sure shot arm, Utley will miss his friendship. Dominic Brown will miss the big bro/coach he still sorely needs in Werth.

    Will anyone say it? I doubt it.

    Werth will miss the team & his RF fans. He's already had the class to say so. He wanted to stay & he said that too. Too bad Amaro & the billionaire owners didn't have the decency to respect the good, solid player who'd put in the years & hard work w/the team to give him the same 4-5 yrs they gave Howard (not the same $$). They could've signed Werth for way less May '10, making the 126mil/7yrs look comical. Werth never thought of that until the Gnats offered it. (But the $$ & yrs helped make up for moving his kids & being where he didn't want to be.) The Phillies could've had Werth and Lee. Amaro blew it.

  2. Well said, I like your analysis of the whole situation. They may have pulled the trigger too early with Howard but one thing is for sure.

    He'll probably be a Phillie for years to come, good or bad.

    I think Werth's desire to win championships may never come true with Washington and that's why a lot of these guys baseball, for the quest to be the champs. Now on the other hand, having over $120 million gross is not too bad either :)