Sunday, January 16, 2011

Phillies News: In review


There is not a whole lot to write about the Phillies right now, so the blog hasn’t been that active lately but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been monitoring the news and events surrounding the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, so here’s a review of the previous couple week’s news.


1. Charlie Manuel is in the final year of his contract with the Phillies. Some news surfaced that the Phillies have been quietly dealing with this, and expects a deal to be done in late January or early February at the latest. The Phillies want to keep Manuel and it’s just a matter or time before a deal gets done. I think it’s a three year extension for Manuel, anything else would signal a change which could mean that the Phillies are looking for a change at the helm. It will probably be a two year contract in the $7M range with an option for a third year. In 2011, how much do the Phillies pay Manuel? He is rumored to have a salary in the $3M range this year.


2. Ben Francisco avoided arbitration, he signed a one year deal with the Phillies for 1.175M including bonus incentives.


3. JC Romero was not really high on the Phillies list for resigning. Some thought he was gone for good. He signed a one year deal with the Phils for $1.35 million on Jan. 6, after the Dennys Reyes deal fell apart. I don’t think Romero did all that bad last year, but the Phillies were fully prepared to part ways with him. Romero earned $4.25M last year but the Phillies didn’t exercise the option of bringing him back and got him back for a fraction of what they paid him over the past three seasons.


4. Kyle Kendrick is the only player left for arbitration. He’s pitched very well for the Phillies in the past couple of seasons, despite having a few setbacks. His overall record with the Phillies though is 35-24 and he is still only 25 years old with his 26th birthday coming up this August. He made $480K last year, and I expect he’ll command at least $2.5 million or more for this season unless he settles for something less.


5. Domonic Brown still on Phillies radar for greatness despite poor showing in Winter ball. Brown took part in the MLB Rookie Career Development Program. The program is sponsored by the MLB to help some players adjust to their new found career with some fundamental rules to live by to help these rookies deal with different situations effectively. The program was a several day program held in Washington DC.

6. Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard spoke to Bob Costas recently on the MLB Network. The interview talked about the lack of African Americans that are playing baseball. See the interview here.

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