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Fan Appreciation Day moves to mid-week in 2011

  For years, the Phillies have always held fan appreciation day on the last Sunday home game of the year for the Phillies. It was really part of the draw for the Sunday plan fans that paid for their 14 game Sunday plan, which includes an 'On Deck Game' that is preseason.

 In 2011, the fan appreciation day will move to a Thursday as the Phillies close out the regular season during the mid-week this season. Now, the Sunday plan folks get to finish out their plan with a Sunday game with St. Louis on September 18th as the final home game of the year is Thursday, September 22nd. September 18th will be the only game on Sunday that the Phillies will play at home in September.

The majority of the games for the Sunday season plan holders will be in May and July when there will be three games in each of those months.

Father's Day is officially on June 19th but the Phils are away in Seattle on that date, so the team will celebrate Father's Day in Philly on June 12th when the Phillies play the Chicago Cubs. The time for this June 12th game is still to be announced.

Mother's Day has the Phillies playing at home against the Braves on May 8th in an ESPN night game at 8:00 PM.

The Texas Rangers will appear in Philly this season for the first time since 2005. Maybe this will be a series to have Cliff Lee face his old team and bring out his 'nasty' on them! In 2005, the Phils swept the Rangers in Philly in three straight games June 7-9, 2005. In 2008, the Phillies visited the Rangers from June 27-29, the Phillies only won 1 of the 3 game series there, so the Phils have an overall record of 4-2 against the Texas Rangers.

The Phillies will travel to Seattle for the first time since they played there in 2005. In the 14 years of interleague play from 1997 -2010, the Phillies and the Mariners have only met for 6 games against one another. In 2003 the Mariners faced the Phillies at home at Veterans Stadium. The winner for the Mariners in Game 1 of the series? Jamie Moyer, who beat Kevin Millwood for the Phillies 4-0 on Tuesday, June 3rd 2003. The Phillies in that series were swept by the Mariners in three straight games played from June 3-5th 2003. Top players in '03 for the Mariners: Edgar Martinez, Brett Boone, and Ichiro.

 In 2005, the Phillies traveled to Seattle for a three game series against the Mariners from June 14-16. The Phils only won 1 of those games. The Phils won the last game of the series on June 16th when they beat the Mariners 3-2. Brett Myers started the game for the Phils, and Geoff Geary got the win. Believe it or not, Kenny Lofton was in center field for the Phillies, and Endy Chavez was in left.

Interleague opponents this year for 2011: 

Texas @ Phillies May 20-22
Phillies @ Seattle June 17-19
Oakland @ Phillies June 24-26
Boston @ Phillies June 28-30
Phillies @ Toronto July 1-3

Other interesting quirks of the 2011 season schedule for the Phillies:

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  Fireworks for July 2011 at Citizens Bank Park:

  The Phils will be on the road for July 4th and for much of the first three weeks of July. The Fireworks shows are late in July this year at the park, Comcast will sponsor the event on July 28 and 29 for two nights. The first night, the Phillies play the final game of a three game series with San Francisco, and the next game against Pittsburgh Pirates on July 29th.

  More on the schedule as we look at other interesting aspects of the 2011 Phillies schedule in future posts here on

Here is what Jamie Moyer had to say after his victory against the Phillies in 2003:

 The way I look at pitching, you’re only as good as your offense and your defense,” Moyer said. “I have to rely on my defense a lot. I’m not a power pitcher. I’m not a strikeout pitcher.”


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