Sunday, December 05, 2010

Werth strikes gold in Washington




  Werth swaps Phillies red for the Washington Nationals red


Jayson Werth must be one happy man now. He’s basically set for life with one of the biggest surprises in the baseball offseason. He’s signed to the Washington Nationals for a reported $126 million dollar deal.

Where this came from is anyone’s guess. The number sounds so large, you have to take a double look at it to make sure it is what you just read. The Nationals must have more money than brains, I think Jayson is one heck of a player, but his isn’t in that league of earnings and that is for sure.

When the Nationals lost Adam Dunn, they must have just done lost their marbles. They let a guy like Dunn walk away, and then the throw Jayson Werth a ton of money to play right field? I don’t understand that one at all.

The Nats have been a team that is trying to make something of itself. Adding some big names is part of how they are trying to accomplish that. The team went out and drafted a fireball pitcher that commanded all of baseball’s attention last year, of course it was Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg had baseball buzzing until the injury that took him out of the lineup. He had Tommy John surgery, and here’s a link to read how a pitcher comes back after the surgery.

Now with the addition of Werth, with his block buster 7 year deal, the Nats are starting to add some pieces of the puzzle that may make them better. Will they be contenders in 2011? I don’t think that is likely to happen, but with some help from Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Willingham, the Nationals may be contenders for third place in the NL East.

  Is Jayson Werth a $125 million dollar player? I don’t think that he is, but apparently the Nationals do, and they just put the money on the table so we’re going to be seeing a lot of Werth in a Nats uniform this upcoming season and many seasons to come.

  The Phillies would have never offered Werth this kind of money, and the Phillies fans shouldn’t resent Jayson for seeking the most money he can. They will resent it though, and he’ll be part of the enemy when he comes to town and I am sure they will let him know about it.


  1. I just hope that Phillies win the World Series in 2011. That's all that matters

  2. Here, Here!

    Yes, let's hope they can get into it, well said for 2011!