Monday, December 13, 2010

Breaking: Phillies said to be in market for Cliff Lee

Stop the presses! The Phillies are in on the hunt for Cliff Lee it has been widely rumored and nearly confirmed as I write this. The Phil's are said to be the 'mystery' team that wasn't spoken about, but apparently it is the Phils who are again courting Cliff Lee.

Lee has plenty of options though. The way the Phillies offense clammed up at times during this season may be a concern. Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels both suffered from a severe lack of run support in plenty of games this year, this should be amongst the top of the Phillies concerns this off season.

Where will Cliff Lee end up? He has a few teams that would practically fall at his feet for him to sign on the dotted line. The NY Yankees, Texas Rangers, and Phillies appear to be the final three for Lee to decide on. The glamor and glitz would be New York, I don't think Lee wants all of that pressure that the New York media puts on it's players. The Rangers are an anomaly, they picked up Lee from the Seattle Mariners and I really don't think Lee's heart is there either. That leaves the Phillies. The Phillies really upset the apple cart when they traded Cliff Lee to Seattle, a move that still defies a proper explanation. Can Lee look past this? He's been travelling around to a few teams now since he's left, but I think his best fit may be in Philadelphia.

With a lineup of Halladay, Hamels, and Lee, the Phillies would be the odds on favorite to win the World Series in 2011, but they would still have to get there first. Baseball has a funny way of showing that we're all human, and injury can creep up on a team and negate any perceived advantage that you think you may have.

The mystery team now revealed as the Phillies, has been confirmed by Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman, and Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal in the early part of the evening tonight. The news has Phillies fans excited and pumped for what could be a 'dream team' of pitchers that the Phillies would have.

We'll keep our ears to the wires and let you know if we hear anything related to the 'Cliff Lee mania' that is now happening the tri-state Philadelphia area.

See how the Phillies fans are reacting to the Cliff Lee sweepstakes here:

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