Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Younger San Francisco Team Enjoys World Series Win

Plenty of Giants wear on sale with World Series win

A parade will be held in downtown San Francisco today. Not an ordinary parade, but one where a World Championship baseball team will be on display for all to see and enjoy. The San Francisco Giants survived the postseason to become World Champs, the first win for a Giants team since 1954- never mind the fact that they where still in New York then, but they were the Giants.

As the San Francisco Giants, they lost their first World Series appearance in 1962. They didn't return to the Fall Classic until 1989, the Earthquake Series. The lost in 1989 also. Fast forward to 2002, playing the Anaheim Angels, the Giants lost a tough World Series also in seven games.

This win sends a message to the teams with outrageous payrolls. The Phillies are actually one of those teams now. You can't just go out there and 'buy' a championship. It comes from within, and you do it anyway you can. That's the beauty of baseball, it's a human sport. Not one to be influenced by who has the highest paid players and all that. Ruben, take note.

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