Sunday, November 28, 2010

Werth mulling over $55 million–let him walk!

  Jayson Werth is reportedly mulling over a $55 million dollar, 3 year deal from the Phillies as rumor has it. I am astonished he wouldn’t ink his name to that contract as soon as he could.

 Werth is a fan favorite in Philly, but this team is becoming overstocked with well paid millionaires and with Werth refusing such a large sum of money, I believe his good reputation with the fans just was spoiled.

  Just prior to coming to the Phillies, no one wanted Jayson Werth. I think he must have forgotten that little fact. He was a journeyman who played right field and didn’t really garner all that much interest after his couple seasons with the Dodgers, except from the Phillies.

  Being in his last year of his contract with the Phillies, probably spurred Jayson to have a blow out season for the Phillies and for his own stats. That’s all well and great, but the Phillies didn’t win the World Series this year, and they miraculously made it to game 6 of the NLCS despite not being able to get hits. Werth hired one of the greediest agents in baseball history, Scott Boras. Boras has a knack for being a real jerk and he’s one of the reasons that baseball is losing it’s fan base. When people open a newspaper or read online about a player refusing $55 million for more, it just turns people’s stomachs and sours them from major league baseball.

  Looking at last year’s numbers for Werth is amazing really. He had a nice year, but he didn’t hit 30 home runs and he didn’t drive in 100 or more runs. Yes, he had 46 doubles, but sprinkled in 147 strikeouts into the mix. His overall BA was .296. Not exactly superman here, but using’s ‘most similar by Age’ comparision tool has Werth compared to Ricky Ledee, and Glenallen Hill. These two guys didn’t rake in $55 million over 3 years for sure.

  So I say let Werth walk, don’t pay him $55 million and wish him the best. What the Phillies team needs to do is to get back down to reality and start bringing some of the younger talent up from the minors. This really should be the time for Domonic Brown to have a chance. He played in only 35 games last season for the Phils, and had 2 HR’s and 13 RBI.

  The fan base will still be with the team and this team won’t be the Yankees of the National League. You don’t need a stable of multi-millionaires out there to play baseball. It’s never been the way the Phillies have operated, so what has changed now?

Werth's MLB numbers so far:

8 Seasons77525194336841381512040677727.272
162 Game Avg.16252791143293258516152.272
PHI (4 yrs)54317983205079999530060495.282
LAD (2 yrs)191627102155335239015199.247
TOR (2 yrs)4194112261216233.234
NL (6 yrs)73424254226621321411839075694.273
AL (2 yrs)4194112261216233.234
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